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Learn more about your users than ever before.

AppFireworks provides powerful analytics tools for developers. Using our platform, you can access a multitude of analytical tools to monitor user activity, track in-app purchases and uncover deep insights about user behavior.
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Advanced tools to maximize your user base and grow your apps.

  • Automated cross-promotion across all your apps.

  • Maximize app ad revenue, monetize users with our ad mediation tools, while not being locked in any specific ad network’s SDK in your app.

  • Monitor performance of app modules and segments, update these on the fly with our easy-to-use locations dashboard.
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Track installs from all ad networks using a single SDK.

  • Our universal tracking system allows you to monitor the performance of your app install sources in real-time, determining the performance of each marketing channel, all from a single interface.

  • Allowing you to quickly identify and optimize high performing marketing channels, with the freedom to pursue new marketing sources at any time.

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Determine the real value of your users.

Our sophisticated analytics engine determines the lifetime value of your users and the ARPU (Average Revenue Per User). Allowing you to identify high value user segments and optimize marketing campaigns to target marketing sources with high ARPU.
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Compatible with over 50 networks including:

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  • Leadbolt Logo
  • InMobi Logo
  • Motive Logo
  • Jumptap Logo
  • Gilspa Logo
  • Millenial Media Logo
  • Greystripe Logo
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